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December 1st, 2013

Guinness gave birth to the four babies sired by Brownie, between 2h50 and 6h54:
first two males, then two females.

Guinnessand her big belly
four born

All the details of the kitten's birth and their first month are here.

When the kittens were 16 days old, Edelweiss felt a sudden urge to care for the babies alongside Guinness:

2 moms, four 3-weeks old babies

Here are the portraits of the babies for their first month (January 1st, 2014) :

I have a dream
I have a dream, 1 month old
Itsyldor, 1 month old
Imagine, 1 month old
Irish Coffee
Irish Coffee, 1 month old

5.5 weeks - they now explore every reachable corner and are able to reach higher places,
as long as there is material to hang on to climb. Here are new portraits taken January 8th, 2014:

I have a dream, aka "Aveu"
I have a dream, 5.5 weeks old

Irish Coffee, aka "Coffee"
Irish Coffee, 5.5 weeks old

Itsyldor, aka "Itsy" (left) and Imagine, aka "Magie" (right)
Itsyldor et Imagine

5.5 weeks old

January 17th, 2014 : new individual portraits

I have a dream (Aveu)
I have a dream, 6.5 weeks old
Itsyldor (Itsy)
Itsyldor, 6.5 weeks old
Imagine (Magie)
Imagine, 6.5 weeks old
Irish Coffee (Coffee)
Irish Coffee, 6.5 weeks old

February 1st, 2014 : the kittens are two months old. Mom Guinness is on heat again,
but is still very attentive to her kittens.

making of

Guinness closely checks the
"making of" of the pictures

4 kittens, 2 months old

Guinness and her 2 months old litter

The two females :

Imagine, 2 months old
Magie (in the Ikea mesh basket)
Irish Coffee, 2 months old

February 7th, 2014. Itsy (left on the pictures) and Coffee wake up from a nap:

M2 F3 M2 F3 thinking position
Magie, 10 weeks old
Coffee, 10 weeks old
Coffee (ready to pounce)
Aveu, 10 weeks

But... what are mom and dad looking at ???


(the answer is: a blue tit)

February 13th, 2014

Itsyldor, 2.5 months old
both males, 2.5 months old
Aveu et Itsy
Magie, 2.5 months old
Coffee, 2.5 months old

A few pictures of the growing kittens approching 3 months :

Magie, ready for a snooze
Coffee, very sleepy too!
Coffee yawns

I have a dream stayed home a bit longer with mom and dad,
and, thanks to an early spring weather, took the opportunity of discovering grass in the protected aviary:

I have a dream, 3.5 months old

Now, all 4 kitties have gone to their new homes.

Magie and Sunny
Sunny and Magie
(© C. Lawson)
Itsy and Coffee
Itsy et Coffee
(© C.Gimenez)
I have a dream
(© J. Gonord)

December 2014: their first birthday !

Magie, 8 months old
(© C. Lawson)
Ioda and Coffee
Itsyldor (aka Ioda) et Coffee
(© C.Gimenez)
I have a dream, aka Illis
(© J. Gonord)

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